Let’s Uplift and Empower Oakland Families of Color.

At Evolve Oakland (formerly known as Impact Hub Oakland) we’ve launched an “Adopt A Family” campaign for this holiday season. The purpose is to bring a sense of joy, relief, and belonging to low income, self-employed and single parent families. 

Through this ‘adoption’ process, 300 low-income Oakland families of color are matched with a donor(s) who purchases gift cards to provide seasonal gifts and necessities for the family. Gifts will be distributed by Evolve Oakland at our uptown Oakland location on behalf of the donors on December 18, and 19, 2020.

Why Adopt A Family?

The holiday season can be debilitating for people, especially people of color that are going through tough financial times such as job loss, housing insecurity and/or financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. For many it can be isolating not being able to participate or provide gifts for their families. This causes many of our community members in Oakland to experience feelings of shame, anger and depression. 

This pandemic has crushed us in ways unimaginable. Whether you have a little, a lot, or nothing, we’ve all been greatly impacted, but especially folks of color in low income areas. People are really struggling, and because of that, I’m asking for your help. 
Will you Adopt A Family? Will you help those in the deepest need? Will you give what you can to make a difference in the lives of others?


We are accepting donations in denominations of $25 – $100, or whatever you can. EVERYTHING makes a difference.


Alternatively, we invite you to purchase a gift card from one of the following retailers (Safeway, Target, Walmart,or any moderately priced clothing retailer like Kohls) in the amount of $25, $50, $75 or $100 then drop off to Evolve Oakland Monday thru Friday 10am – 4pm between now through December 18th @ 4pm.

If possible, please include the gift card receipt; that will help us troubleshoot should a problem arise.

Evolve Oakland’s address is:

2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

 If you live outside of the area and would like to contribute please reach out to david@evolveoakland.com to coordinate donation delivery or pickup.

All contributions are tax deductible.



What type of donations are you accepting?

While the need is especially great this year, it is important for us to protect the health and safety of our donors, staff, and families. With this in mind, to minimize the health and safety risks, instead of shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts, we are asking donors who would like to adopt a family or support to make their donation in the form of gift cards or electronic cash donations.

How much do I need to contribute?

It is difficult to put an exact cost on adopting a family. It can vary greatly by family size, needs and donor resources. We are requesting monetary or gift card donations between $25 – $100. We will match or combine your gift with other’s contributions based on each individual family’s need. Give what you can because truly it makes a difference.

Should I wrap the gift cards?

No, thank you. Please place the gift cards (and receipt if possible) in an envelope labeled with the family’s code number which will be provided, (This process is optional) or write AAF2020

Will my employer match my gift with a donation to Evolve Oakland?

It’s possible! Some employers will match employee in-kind gifts (such as an Adopt-A-Family gift) with a donation. Such ‘matching donations’ are crucial to funding our program and family assistance. For help with an employer match, please contact your HR department, or reach out to David Jackson at david@evolveoakland.com.

How does the family receive the gifts?

Our staff will coordinate delivery or pickup of the gift cards, groceries, and monetary gifts to the families in time for Christmas.

Can I bring my gift cards at a time other than the specified drop off dates?

We ask donors to choose one of the scheduled drop off dates (there are both evening and Saturday options upon request). These are the times we have staff and volunteers available to accept the donations and coordinate with the families. If you absolutely cannot comply with the scheduled drop off dates, contact us at adoptafamily@evolveoakland.com

Can I receive a tax receipt for my gift card donation?

Absolutely. You will receive a donation/gift receipt upon donation completion or drop off. We are also able to arrange electronic receipts. 


Who are the families?

All of the families are residents of Oakland and a few neighboring cities. All of the families involved are struggling economically and require some assistance to provide special gifts and food for the holiday season and beyond.

Who are the adoptable families?

All families served by the Evolve Oakland Adopt-A-Family program are OUSD families, referrals through our member community, and ecosystem of partnered agencies and organizations. Through this ‘adoption’ process, low-income families are matched with a donor who purchases gift cards to provide seasonal gifts and necessities for the family. The donor drops the gift cards off at our uptown Oakland location and we distribute the gift cards/donations to the adopted family. This is a great way to do something that is really appreciated and needed by the families we serve.

Can we meet the family?

We strive to protect the privacy of both our families and our donors. We try to operate the Adopt-A-Family Program in a confidential manner. So, no, we don’t arrange for donors to meet the families they have adopted. However, you can be sure that your donation has made a difference and has been greatly appreciated by the family.


How else can I support Evolve Oakland?

Thanks for asking! To find out more ways to support Evolve Oakland go to www.evolveoakland.com to sign-up for our newsletter. We will send out information about our work, community, and impact.